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8 Stops For Tasty Ice Cream In Council Bluffs

The temperatures are rising and our days are getting longer as we begin moving fully into the spring and summer seasons. Nothing helps you beat a hot day like cooling down with your favorite frozen treat. Fortunately, there are plenty of fresh-made ice cream in Council Bluffs. You might just need to have a full week of frozen treats. Here are eight Council Bluffs ice cream shops to put on your frosty bucket list!

Three kids with waffle cone sundaes at Zaltes, an ice cream shop in Council Bluffs

Zaltes Ice Cream

Zaltes is an “All-American neighborhood scoop shop.” They specialize in home-churned, scoop ice cream that comes in some of creatively delicious flavors. Flavors range from Carrot Cake, Banana Nutella, Sea Salt and Caramel, PB Pretzel and to classics like Mint Chocolate, Cookies and Cream. They often have dairy free and vegan options. 

You can do half scoops, too, so if two full scoops seems like too much but want to try two flavors, try two half scoops. Be sure to try it in a freshly made waffle cone or bowl!

Zaltes, 229 Bennett Ave., Council Bluffs  

A boy stares over an ice cream candy shake at Tastee Treet in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Tastee Treet

Tastee Treet, a family owned shop, is a Council Bluffs favorite serving soft service ice cream along with a special rotating Dole Whip flavor for those who want something dairy-free. 

From floats and freezes, malts and shakes, sundaes and splits, to my personal favorite, the candy shakes, the options are boundless. Try a candy shake with something different like Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch or go for a cookie overload with Oreos and cookie dough!

Tastee Treet, 13996 Wabash Ave., Council Bluffs

An up-close photo of a sundae at the locally-owned, family-run ice cream shop, Christy Creme

Christy Crème

Christy Crème is another locally family-owned ice cream shop that has been serving the Council Bluffs community for more than 60 years. Christy Crème is well known for their sherbets. Every day they have a new sherbet flavor, cycling through their 10 sherbet flavors, which include lemon, peach, huckleberry, pineapple and more. You can check out the monthly sherbet calendar online to see what the flavor of the day is today.

In addition they offer classic soft serve flavors that can be served up in cones, dishes, malts, specialty sundaes and more.

Christy Crème, 2853 N. Broadway, Council Bluffs


Doozies serves up homemade, hard-scoop ice cream, offering 10 different flavors at a time that change out on a daily basis. Flavors range from toasted coconut, cherry nut, lemon custard, to raspberry chip, sinful chocolate and more. These scoops are full of flavor and ultra-creamy! 

This summer season Doozies will be opening up in a new location that has more seating! They are temporarily closed (at time of article writing), but their ice cream is worth the wait to put on your list of must tries!

Doozies‘ new location will be 4105 S. 11th St., Council Bluffs (opening date TBD)

Sugar Makery is known in Council Bluffs as a quaint little candy store, but they offer more than just your favorite candy treats. They serve up another option for homemade, hard packed scoop ice cream.  Also offering some creative flavor choices, such as Lavender Chip to your classic flavors of coffee or chocolate. Sugar Makery’s original location is in Glenwood, Iowa.

Tip: Try their ice cream nachos, which includes three scoops of ice cream, two toppings and homemade waffle chips!

Sugar Makery, 19278 Conifer Lane, Council Bluffs

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a forever classic when it comes to soft serve ice cream. Offering their classic Blizzards and well-known ice cream cakes you are bound to find a classic favorite. Council Bluffs has three different Dairy Queen locations.

Dairy Queen, numerous locations in Council Bluffs

A frozen custard sundae in a red and white cup at Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers offers up a frozen custard option in town. They’re known for their freshly-churned custard treats. Be sure to try one of their famous flavor combinations such as the signature turtle, PCB & B or dirt n’worms!

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, 3607 Metro Drive, Council Bluffs


Culver’s is another well known frozen custard shop. Their creamy custard features a flavor of the day, such as chocolate covered strawberry. Flavor of the days can be found online. 

Culver’s, 3245 S. 24th St., Council Bluffs 

Whether you are looking for homemade scoops or fresh soft serve, you are certain to find some favorites here in Council Bluffs!

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Tiffany Nation is a full-time working mother and wife. In her free time she loves creating, doing yoga, spending time with her family and enjoying all of what Iowa has to offer.

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