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23 Things To Do In Charming Glenwood

Glenwood, Iowa is a charming community nestled along the beautiful Loess Hills. Less than 30 minutes away from downtown Omaha, Nebraska, it’s a great little stop for fun things to do, new sites to see and places to experience.

One of my favorite things about Glenwood is that it still has a quaint town square in the middle of downtown. The middle of the town square is home to the Mills County Courthouse. Lining the four outer edges of the square you will find all kinds of shops, restaurants and things to do.

Here’s my breakdown of 23 things to do in the small town of Glenwood.

Grab a bite to eat

Who doesn’t love delicious food, am I right? From brick oven pizza fired up in the shop to barbecue that’ll hit the spot – Glenwood has a variety of options for filling your belly while in town.

  1. Adriano’s Brick Oven Pizza, 18 N. Walnut St. (On the Town Square)
  2. Buck Snort, 419 Sharp St. (On the Town Square)
  3. El Porton Mexican Grill, 612 S Locust St.
  4. Oriental Palace, 9 1/2 N. Vine St. (On the Town Square)

Have a drink or two (adult- and kid-friendly options)

If you are in the mood for an adult beverage, Glenwood has its very own local brewery that makes some amazing craft beers. Grab a glass of the Midwest Haze IPA or the Brick Red Ale. 

A flight of beers at Keg Creek Brewing Co. in Glenwood, Iowa
Photo courtesy Tiffany Nation

If hops aren’t quite your thing and maybe you crave something sweet off the vine, then head to the winery to sample some locally made wines. Another sweet option is grabbing a cold glass of cider on the square. 

If you are looking for a drink that doesn’t require the legal age of 21, you are welcome to try getting an energy pick-me-up at the local coffee shop or smoothie and juice bar in town.

Be sure to check out locations for live music and entertainment as well.

  1. Keg Creek Brewing Co., 22381 221st St.
  2. Bodega Winery, 60397 Kidd Road
  3. Sacrilegious Ciderworks, 17 N. Vine St. (On the Town Square)
  4. Harvest Moon Coffee & Specialty, 501 Locust 
  5. Glenwood Nutrition, 14 N. Walnut St. (On the Town Square)

Shop until you drop

Well, obviously when spending a day in a new place we all feel like we might want to do a little retail therapy. Glenwood has numerous boutiques that offer all kinds of specialty items, as well as clothing and jewelry. 

Boy at the Sugar Makery in Glenwood, Iowa
Photo courtesy Tiffany Nation

If your kids are in tow on this trip, you must definitely stop at the candy store which offers a variety of sweet treats, ice cream, chocolate covered goodies and a large selection of soda flavors.

  1. Mitzi Mos, 514 Sharp St.
  2. JWren Boutique, 16 N. Walnut St.  (On the Town Square)
  3. Live Brave Boutique, 6 N. Walnut St. (On the Town Square)
  4. Juniper Metal Works, 4 N. Walnut St. (On the Town Square)
  5. Sugar Makery, 204 East Sharp St.
  6. Buttercup Floral, 13 N. Vine St., Ste. 2 (On the Town Square)

Have a spa day

Treat yourself for the day, or at least for an hour or so. Get a massage, some reflexology done, maybe visit the sauna or get a spray tan.

  1. The Remedy Room Massage Spa – 11 N. Vine St. (On the Town Square)

See a show

If you are wanting live entertainment Glenwood offers a community theater that puts on productions throughout the year. One of my favorite things to do in Glenwood is visiting during the summer concert series at their large outdoor amphitheater. They just released their summer 2022 lineup.

The Davies Amphitheater in Glenwood, Iowa
Photo courtesy Tiffany Nation

If you like the classic on screen entertainment, be sure to check out the classic theater on the square.

  1. Mills Masquers, 56543 221st St.
  2. Davis Amphitheater, Glenwood Lake Park
  3. Rex Theater, First Street (On the Town Square)

Take in some nature

Stop along the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway by Mile Hill Lake and take in a view off the overlook or walk along a foot trail. Be sure to stop by the Glenwood Lake Park, which has numerous picnic shelters, playgrounds, walking paths, fishing and camping.

Mile Hill Scenic Look in Glenwood, Iowa
Photo courtesy Tiffany Nation
  1. Mile Hill Scenic Look, 21193 Highway 34
  2. Glenwood Lake Park, 104 Lake Drive

More things to do in Glenwood

Stop at the local history museum or even take the family out for a night of board games, fun and food.

  1. Mills County Historical Museum, 104 Lake Drive
  2. Game Knight, 502 Sharp St.

Glenwood might be tiny in the size of population (just over 5,000), but they offer a large amount of flavor, fashion and fun. Be sure to plan a day to stop and see what this amazing town has to offer.

Glenwood, one of the most charming small towns in southwest Iowa. Here's a list of things to do, restaurants & breweries to visit, and scenic and historical sites to see.

About the guest writer

Tiffany Nation is a full-time working mother and wife. In her free time she loves creating, doing yoga, spending time with her family and enjoying all of what Iowa has to offer.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.