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Ultimate 24-Hour Glenwood Glamping Experience

Nestled among the gentle curves of the Loess Hills, Glenwood’s charm lies not just in its lovely downtown and warm-hearted locals, but also in a little secret just outside town. Picture this: Glamping, but with a twist. Forget tents or those fancy cabins we see everywhere. Best Nest Farm is offering a unique glamping experience in – wait for it – luxury covered wagons! It’s a delightful nod to the pioneering spirit, but with all the modern-day luxuries we absolutely adore.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Best Nest Farm. All thoughts, opinions and typos are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

The entrance sign to Best Nest Farm in Glenwood, Iowa

Whether you’re looking to ignite a sense of adventure in your kiddos or simply want to sip on some wine under the stars with a touch of historical nostalgia, Glenwood is the place to be. 

Morning activities in Glenwood

Glenwood is a pretty chill town in the morning. Start things off with a specialty coffee drink at Harvest Moon Coffee & Specialty. If you’re like me and need more than coffee to get going in the morning, get breakfast at The Lighthouse. There’s typical diner fare as well as fresh and lighter breakfast options like a yogurt parfait.

I’ve taken every chance I get to hike in the Loess Hills, and luckily there are some beautiful trails close to Glenwood. The Pony Creek Park in Pacific Junction has a few short trails near the nature center that are easy to manage for most ages. Fall is a great time to hike these trails!

A sign for a hiking trail at Pony Creek Park near Glenwood

If it’s open, stop into the nature center. The exterior is remarkably designed, and inside, you can learn about the ecology of the surrounding area. 


  • Harvest Moon Coffee & Specialty, 501 Locust St., Glenwood
  • The Lighthouse, 110 S. Vine St., Glenwood
  • Pony Creek Park, 56235 Deacon Road, Pacific Junction

Afternoon Adventures

After the hike, you should’ve worked up some hunger for lunch. Head back to Glenwood and pick from some of the popular eateries. I recommend trying Adriano’s Brick Oven if pizza sounds good to you. If you want a wider selection of options, go to Buck Snort. It’s a popular regional chain with several locations. Both restaurants are located in downtown Glenwood.

Necklaces and bracelets on display at Juniper Metal Works in Glenwood

After lunch, browse some of the nearby shops. A few to visit: 

  • Mitzi Mo’s – A boutique with a little bit of everything for everyone.
  • The Indoor Garden – If you love indoor plants and pottery, this is your shop.
  • Juniper Metal Works – Browse handmade jewelry, leather goods, and work by local artists.
  • The Sugar Makery – The Sugar Makery is a particularly notable place to shop, especially if you have a sweet tooth. Stock up on treats for the evening like gourmet popcorn or just get yourself some ice cream. 

If you’re a craft beer fan, don’t skip Keg Creek Brewing Co. The taproom has a large selection of brews to try, and if you can’t decide, I recommend the red ale. Kids and dogs are welcome on the patio. Keg Creek allows you to bring your own food, too.

A glass of beer with the words "Hop off the mainstream. Glenwood, Iowa" on it


  • Adriano’s Brick Oven, 18 N. Walnut St., Glenwood
  • Buck Snort, 419 E. Sharp St., Glenwood
  • Mitzi Mo’s, 514 E. Sharp St., Glenwood
  • The Indoor Garden, 514B E. Sharp St., Glenwood (pretty much connected to Mitzi Mo’s)
  • Juniper Metal Works, 4 N. Walnut St., Glenwood
  • The Sugar Makery, 204 E. Sharp St., Glenwood
  • Keg Creek Brewing Co., 22381 221st St., Glenwood

Where to stay in Glenwood

For an unforgettable overnight, book a luxury covered wagon at Best Nest Farm at 25978 Pathfield Road, Glenwood. The owners, Amy and Marcel, will greet you and might just introduce you to some of the farm’s friendly residents. There are several alpacas and ducks, plus two gentle giants named Apollo and Scout (they’re dogs that protect the alpacas). 

Two alpacas at Best Nest Farm with a covered wagon in the background

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They’ll show you around the property and to your wagon. There are two wagons on the property and each is equipped with heating and air, a bathroom with a shower and toilet, a mini fridge and coffee station, and a queen bed and bunk bed. Four can sleep in a covered wagon comfortably.

Included with your stay is use of their kayaks and paddle boat, so bring clothes for that! You won’t want to swim in the lake (you can’t anyway), but you will want to explore it. Hiking is another option, and there’s a short trail that will lead you to a swing – if you’re into the perfect Instagram shot kind of thing. The location of Best Nest Farm is far enough from city lights that you can enjoy some pretty decent stargazing at night. 

Once you’re settled into the wagon, how you spend the evening is up to you. You’ll have your own patio overlooking the lake and farm. Adirondack chairs circle the fire pit, plus there’s a picnic table and a grill. 

A family sits near the campfire next to a covered wagon at Best Nest Farm in Glenwood

For dinner, if you brought food to grill, you’re all set. Or you can be like me and my family, and get some take-out pizza from Adriano’s and enjoy it at the picnic table.

The luxury covered wagon experience at Best Nest Farm proves that you don’t have to travel far to find unique adventures. Sometimes, the most magical experiences are tucked away in unexpected corners, waiting for curious travelers to discover them. So, the next time you’re itching for a getaway that offers both serenity and a sprinkle of adventure, remember Glenwood, Iowa. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.