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Top 6 Things To Do In Orange City

Orange City is a town joyfully embraces its Dutch roots. If you’re planning a visit, here are a few things to do and restaurants you could visit. And if you time it right, you can immerse yourself in Dutch traditions over an entire weekend in the spring.

See the Tulip Festival

Held annually in May over the course of a long weekend, the Tulip Festival has performances by The Dutch Dozen, parades and a lot of shopping. Highlights include the Straatfeest, a parade of traditional costumes and dances, and Street Scrubbing, which is exactly what it sounded like.

A little girl helps with the street scrubbing during the Tulip Festival in Orange City

The tradition comes from Holland when homeowners were required to not only care for their property but for the street in front of their property. Both occur parade-like, one after another along Central Street.

There’s a reason why this festival is one of the top 101 things to do in Iowa!

  1. Orange City Tulip Festival, citywide

Tee up

The 18-hole Landsmeer Golf Course is a prairie-style course sprawling over 160 acres of rolling Iowa hills.

2. Landsmeer Golf Course, 902 Seventh St. NE, suite 1119, Orange City

Find the windmills

The best windmill photo opp is at the visitors center. Windmill Park is a charming little garden with a water feature and, of course, a couple small windmills. There’s a playground, as well.

3. Windmill Park, 201-299 Arizona Ave. NW, Orange City

Try some Dutch food

Kim with a Dutch Letter from the Dutch Bakery in Orange City.

Dutch Letters are a traditional, flaky pastry, and they’re found at the Dutch Bakery. They’re shaped like the letter S. Little White Store is the place to go for poffertjes (they look like small, puffy pancakes).

4. Dutch Bakery, 221 Central Ave. NE, Orange City

5. Little White Store, 115 Central Ave. NW, Orange City

Take a quick tour

Wooden clogs in Orange City

The free downtown Orange City walking tour is divided into two parts: Windmill Park and the city’s Centrum, where there are Dutch souvenir shops and boutiques. The famous tulips in Windmill Park are replaced by annuals when not in season.

6. Walking tour begins at the information kiosk at the southeast corner of Windmill Park, 201-299 Arizona Ave. NW, Orange City

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.